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Elite Local Locksmith Northampton (ELLN) is a company that provides locks and keys services to people in Northampton and its environs. We have a team of skilled and professional locksmiths who have specialized in various areas of the skill and there is virtually no locksmith service that we don’t provide. Our services mainly encompass three areas: commercial, residential and auto locksmiths.

Our commercial locksmith Northampton technicians generally deal with provision and installation of various security enhancing features in commercial premises such as warehouses, installation facilities etc. these locksmiths know how to install high-tech security systems that this type of clients normally seek. They are experts in supply and installation of master key systems, swipe cards, alarms, sensors, CCTV surveillance among other security appliances.

Our residential locksmiths deal with the supply and installation of new locks, repairing old locks and replacement of locks among other services. They are skilled technicians who know how to deal with all types of locks used in residences including mortise locks, biometric locks, pad locks, chain locks among others.

In case you buy that car you have always wanted then make the inevitable mistake of losing the car’s keys, then you can call for our emergency auto locksmith Northampton technicians. These individuals know how to deal with various types of car locks such as the conventional key types to the keyless varieties that use transponder chips and lasers.

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