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If you are a business owner, you probably know that your premise needs regular re-keying of the locks at certain instances. You will also probably know that the only professional who can do such kind of job is a commercial locksmith. The services by Locksmith Northampton to commercial premises do not just touch on providing locks and re-keying, but also many other that can enhance the security set-up of your firm.

The first commercial locksmith service we offer is the rekeying of all the locks in business premises. This is the most basic commercial locksmith service we offer. This procedure is suitable if there is a loss of keys or change in management. At Locksmith Northampton, we can arrive and provide this service on site. Additionally, we also offer master key systems. This system allows you to monitor who enters and leaves certain sections of your premise. You will have the master key to all the locks in the department and enterprise at large. As the owner you will access any location of your premise but the section heads and their team will only have access to their respective sections. This type of key systems allows the owner access control.

The reason why key control is so important to many businesses is because it’s considered a great security factor. However this is something that can only be achieved if you have utter confidence that there are no unauthorized copies of the company’s keys. The master key system is the only measure that allows key control because it limits access to employees so that they can only access the relevant sections where they work but not the others. The owner, on the other hand, has the power to access any section because he has the master key. You can also achieve access control by requesting our locksmiths to fit restricted locks on the sections you want. These locks can only be opened by a restricted key which no one can have or produce duplicates of except when you direct us who made the original restricted keyway.

At Locksmith Northampton, our commercial locksmith service also includes repair and installation of emergency exits. These can be highly instrumental especially when there is a fire or attack. We also adjust, replace and install new doors.
Our commercial locksmiths can advice you on how to install new doors in a way that they will be compliant with the BS standards. For example, there are certain premises that can have door knobs while others should have a lever handle. Public entrances should have doors that have push and pull functionalities.

To ensure utmost security in your business get a free no-obligatory quote on the various security enhancing packages we offer from our website.

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